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  • Excel Automation Tools
    • VBA Tools
      • VBA – Macro Recorder (free)
      • VBA – AutoMacro
    • Data Tools
      • Power Query / M (free)
      • SQL – QueryStorm
    • Excel Developer Tools
      • Python – Multiple Tools
        • Which Python tool to use?
      • Java – Jinx
      • C# / .NET –Excel-DNA (free)
      • C++ – XLL Plus
      • D – excel-d (free)
    • Excel Automation FAQs
      • How to Automate Excel Spreadsheets?
      • What is Excel Automation?
      • How to Automate Excel reports using Python or Java?

Excel automation generally involves building code to interact with Excel and automatically perform tasks. This article contains a comprehensive list of the best coding tools and software for Excel automation. Some tools (ex. Power Query) can be used to automate Excel without any coding knowledge. Others tools help professional developers create complex Excel add-ins.

If you’re not an experienced programmer we recommend the first three tools as your first steps into Excel Automation:

  • VBA Macro Recorder – Record actions in Excel, and replay recorded Macros to repeat processes.
  • AutoMacro – Reduces VBA’s learning curve for beginners. Makes coding VBA more accessible to non-programmers.
  • Power Query – No coding knowledge required. Easily manipulate data in Excel and save queries for future use.

In the rest of the article you’ll find Excel automation tools for Python, SQL, Java, C#, C++, and D.

VBA Tools

You may already know that Excel has the ability to record Macros. Macros allow users to record their actions in Excel, so that they can be easily repeated in the future.

Macros are saved as VBA code procedures. VBA is Excel’s built-in programming language (short for Visual Basic for Applications). VBA is stored in the Visual Basic Editor, which is built directly into Excel and other Microsoft Office software.

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (1)

For an experienced Excel user, VBA is relatively easy to learn because of it’s integration with Excel. It’s also usually the best language to use when automating Excel. You can learn VBA with our completely free, interactive VBA Tutorial.

VBA – Macro Recorder (free)

The Macro Recorder records your actions as VBA code. Macros can be replayed to repeat your recorded task(s).

See the ‘Record a Macro’ section of our VBA Tutorial for instructions for recording Macros. Note: First, you may need to add the Developer Ribbon, you will find directions to do so on the VBA Tutorial page.

(Video) Automate Excel With Python - Python Excel Tutorial (OpenPyXL)

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (2)

The Macro Recorder is a fantastic first step to automating Excel. However, you will quickly see that Macros have limitations. It can often by difficult or impossible to record Macros that work exactly the way you would like. The code often requires manual updates in order to function properly and some automation isn’t possible with the Macro Recorder.

This is where AutoMacro comes in….

VBA – AutoMacro

AutoMacro is an add-in that installs directly into the Visual Basic Editor.

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (3)

AutoMacro contains four toolbars:

  • Code Library – Easy access to 230+ commonly used code fragments. Learn More
  • Code Generators – Generate procedures or other code blocks from scratch. Beginners can program complex procedures with very limited knowledge of VBA. Learn More
  • Custom Code Library – Create and save your own code fragments for easy access and share with team members. Learn More
  • Tools – A suite of coding tools for experienced developers. Learn More

AutoMacro was developed (by us at AutomateExcel) to allow anyone to code VBA with very limited coding knowledge, while also teaching basic concepts. However, it also has many powerful tools and time-saving features for more advanced programmers.

The Code Library makes it easy for anyone to create VBA code from scratch:

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (4)

The Object Code Library in particular makes it easy for anyone to interact with Excel objects, while learning about the object structure:

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (5)

(Video) Microsoft Power Automate | Add data to Excel, get data from Excel, Conditions and Send Email | Guide

We recommend that anyone interested in Excel automation should learn at least some VBA. Using AutoMacro will help decrease the learning curve.

Data Tools

Power Query / M (free)

Power Query is a free tool from Microsoft. Download Power Query

It’s used to extract, transform, and load data in Excel. Each step is stored in M (the language behind Power Query), so that your processes can easily be automated.

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (6)

If you work with data, Power Query might be the most useful Excel tool to learn. Luckily it’s also relatively easy to learn Power Query compared to VBA or even Excel Formulas.

SQL – QueryStorm

SQL is a querying language used to interact with tables and databases.

QueryStorm is an Excel software package that allows you to make SQL queries on data stored in Excel. It also allows you to fetch data using .NET libraries and improves database connectivity.

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (7)

It’s one of the coolest and best-designed Excel add-ins that we’ve seen. If you know SQL (or want to learn) and work with large data sets in Excel, you should try it.

Excel Developer Tools

Python – Multiple Tools

Python is a general purpose programming language with excellent support for scientific computation. It is popular among data scientists and web developers, and has found applications in finance, engineering, research and many other industries.

There are several recommended tools for using Python and Excel:

(Video) (1/2) Automating Word Documents from Excel - No VBA

PyXLL embeds Python into Excel, enabling users to create fully featured Excel Add-Ins written in Python.

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (8)

xlwings is a popular free and open-source library to program Excel with Python.

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (9)

There are also other packages for interacting with Excel from Python: OpenPyXL and Pandas to name two.

Which Python tool to use?

The important question to ask is: Are you trying to use Python within Excel as a replacement to VBA or do you want to interact with Excel from within Python?

If you want to interact with Excel from Python, then the basic free Python Packages are probably fine. If you want to use Python to replace VBA within Excel then PyXLL is your best bet. xlwings is also an option if you want to use a free open-source solution.

PyXLL does a good job breaking down the various tools for Automating Excel with Python in this article.

Java – Jinx

Java is an object orientated class based programming language with excellent developer tools and a vast array of third party libraries. Its reported that over 3 billion devices currently run Java, with applications ranging from mobile phone apps to high frequency trading platforms and everything in between.

Jinx is an Excel Add-In that bridges Excel with Java and other JVM languages such as Scala and Kotlin, allowing you to create UDFs, macros, menus and more using Java.Jinx was created by the development team behind pyxll.

Excel Automation Tools (Best of List) - Automate Excel (10)

(Video) My Strategy for Automating Complex Excel Processes

The Jinx/PyXLL development team also created a Java library for calling into Excel via COM using an open source package: com4j. The library can be found on GitHub.

C# / .NET –Excel-DNA (free)

.NET is a framework for programming Windows-based applications (and more). C# is a programming language that can be used with .NET to develop applications. Using C# and .NET you can create add-ins for Excel. Add-ins created with .NET can be much faster, stable, and complex than add-ins created with VBA.

From Excel-DNA’s website:Excel-DNA is an independent project to integrate .NET into Excel. With Excel-DNA you can make native (.xll) add-ins for Excel using C#, Visual Basic.NET or F#, providing high-performance user-defined functions (UDFs), custom ribbon interfaces and more. Your entire add-in can be packed into a single .xll file requiring no installation or registration.

One of the primary benefits of using Excel-DNA is that your add-in can be contained in a single .xll file. No installation is required, which is very useful when deploying solutions to in corporate environments that prohibit installations.

C++ – XLL Plus

C++ is a general purpose programming language.

XLL Plus is a toolkit to aid C/C++ programmers in the construction of Excel add-in libraries. According to their website it’s used by many of the top investment banks. It’s extremely expensive ($1,345 at the time of writing), so it’s not for casual users.

D – excel-d (free)

excel-D can be used to build Excel add-ins in the D language

Excel Automation FAQs

How to Automate Excel Spreadsheets?

You can automate Excel spreadsheets by writing Macros with the VBA programming language. Technically, you can record Macros without writing any code, but advanced automation will always require some code writing / editing.

What is Excel Automation?

Excel automation is programming Macros to automation tasks in Excel. Macros are typically written in the VBA programming language (included in Excel), but they can also be written in Python or other languages.

How to Automate Excel reports using Python or Java?

Excel reports are typically automated using the built-in programming language VBA. However, they can also be automated with Python, Java, or other languages. We recommend using PyXLL or Jinx to help with Python and Java automation in Excel.

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You can, of course, use worksheet cells to accept parameters from the user, but the userform produces a far better user experience.. Your form will now look like this:. As with the form properties, the ‘Name’ property defines the name that will be used in your VBA code.. You can enter this against the ‘Name’ property.. Currently, your command button does nothing because there is no VBA code behind it.. To add VBA code, double click on the button on the form. This will take you to the normal VBA code window, and will show the default event of click.. The first one allows you to select your form controls, and the second shows all the events that are available for you to add code.. Using the ‘Caption’ property in the properties window, or clicking on the label control, you can enter the text for the label control.. The text control is added from the toolbox by clicking on the text control icon (top row, third from left) and double clicking or dragging the control into position on your form.. The text control is often confused with the label control, but the text control is the one for user input. One very important property for a text box is the ‘MultiLine’ property.. You can add this code into the ‘Change’ event for the text box. VBA code can easily write the values back to cells within the workbook using the ‘Exit’ event on a control, and re-instate them using the ‘Activate’ event on the form. This code uses the form ‘Initialize’ event to disable the exit button (Command Button 1) when the form first appears and then uses the ‘Change’ event on TextBox1 (name) to enable the Exit button if something has been typed in or disable it if the box is blank.

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Note that when you do a sort in VBA, the sort parameters remain the same in the front-end sort dialog box.. VBA code for sorting can get quite complicated, and it can sometimes be a good idea to do the sort on the front end of Excel and record a macro to show you how the code works.. As an example, if you did a simple sort on the sample data above, sorting by Employee, the recording would generate the following code:. Key1 (Department column E) is sorted first of all and then Key2 (Start Date column C) is sorted based on the first sort.. Since Excel 2007, sorting by the background color of a cell is now possible, which provides enormous flexibility when designing your sort code in VBA.. Sorting using colors in VBA is far more complicated than a multi-level sort, but if your sort code will not work (which can happen if a parameter is missing or you have not entered the code correctly) then you can always fall back on recording a macro and integrating the recorded code into your VBA.. Using a Double-Click Event to Sort Tabular Data In all the functionality that Microsoft included in the sort methods for VBA, it did not include a simple means to double-click on a column header and sort the whole of the tabular data based on that particular column.

This article gives a step-by-step guide to help you set up Python Excel Automation. It also gives a brief overview of both tools along with their features.

With Python Excel Automation, you can use the portable and robust nature of Python in tandem with Excel to improve your Data Analysis efficiently.. With Python Excel Automation, you can use the sorting and robust nature of MS Excel with a powerful programming language like Python to automate reporting seamlessly.. It supports MS Excel and Python , along with 100+ data sources ( including 30+ free data sources ), and is a 3-step process by just selecting the data source, providing valid credentials, and choosing the destination.. Now that you have a good understanding of Python and MS Excel, it is now time to understand the steps to set up Python Excel Automation.. The data will be used to create the below report after setting up our Python Excel Automation.. The final step in Python Excel Automation is to run the Python script at different schedules as per data requirements.. Overall, Python Excel Automation is an innovative process that you can use to create visual reports on Python just the same way as you would on Excel seamlessly.. In case you want to integrate data from data sources like Python and MS Excel into your desired Database/destination and seamlessly visualize it in a BI tool of your choice, then Hevo Data is the right choice for you!

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For example, one very common form of asset management is financial asset management; it focuses on the management of money and investments.. Technology assets include any digital, mobile, cloud, software, or hardware resource that is available in the business environment.. Hardware Asset Management: The management of computers and network assets, from procurement to disposal Software Asset Management: The management of software versions, licensing, and usage Mobile Asset Management: The management of corporate and BYOD mobile devices Cloud Asset Management: The management of public, private, and hybrid cloud computing environments Digital Asset Management: The management of intellectual property that is made up of digital data and content. Some solutions are all inclusive, focusing on the management of all IT-related assets; others may focus specifically on software (also called a software tracking tool or software tracking system) or hardware assets.. Every business across every industry relies on technology in order to operate.. An enterprise managing their own IT assets will need different functionality than will a managed services provider that is outsourcing ITAM services or an organization that leases/loans IT assets.. Some vendors to consider include Ivanti IT Asset Management Suite, ManageEngine AssetExplorer, Remedy Asset Management, Symantec Asset Management Suite, and Snow Software Asset Management.. Ivanti offers a variety of IT software solutions, but we are only looking at reviews of their IT Asset Management Suite, which consists of Asset Manager and License Optimizer.. Although the product focuses on software asset management, it does discover and inventory hardware devices.. AssetExplorer is ManageEngine’s ITAM software tool.. Gives links to user/owner Has anywhere/anytime access Has patch and version management Has process support and automation Has radio frequency identification (RFID) Includes automated discovery and inventory audit Includes continuous process improvement Includes geolocation Includes schedule maintenance Includes software license management Monitors and reports/alerts concerning asset changes Offers criteria-based reports and queries Offers ease of deployment Offers full-service desk integration (configuration management, support ticketing, request management, service catalog) Offers mobile support Provides change management Provides financial data (depreciation) Provides full inventory data, including asset tag, ip address, location, user Provides purchase order/contract management Provides real-time audit details Tracks entire asset lifecycle (plan to retire) Tracks software usage

Excel Tables expand automatically whenever new data is added to the bottom.  This feature alone makes Tables one of the most powerful tools within the

Then you’ll be able to work along with examples and see the solution in action, plus the file will be useful for future reference.. The examples in this post use the following data:. This method only works if the cells selected include the entire Table column (i.e., in our example, if you reference $A$4:$A$7 it will not expand when a new item is added as it is not the whole Table column).. If the list only has one column, it is possible to refer to just the Table without the column name (just like the screenshot below.. The screenshot below shows the named range added to the data validation list box.. If the list only has one column, it is possible to refer to just the Table.. However, if I have to create a lot of named ranges, I may be lazy and choose the INDIRECT method.. I don’t advise using the standard cell references over a table as it won’t work across worksheets.. Refresh Power Query in Excel: 4 ways + advanced options

I'll show you how to automate Excel with Python xlwings. We can have the best of both worlds - Excel's simplicity and Python's power and efficiency.

Excel is an awesome software with a simple and intuitive user interface, and Python is a powerful programming language that is very efficient at data analysis.. Automate Excel with Python, such as producing reports Write macros in Python, and run from Excel by clicking on a button Write user-defined functions in Python, and call those function from Excel just like any Excel function. Then, open Excel, File -> Options -> Add-ins.. Here, wb refers to the new (and open) Excel file, and it’s also a Python object at the same time, which means we can manipulate it (the Excel file) in Python!. Since the data is already read into Python, we can generate a graph then put it into Excel file.. OK and save.Enable xlwings in VBA Editor. The VBA code RunPython("import rand_10; rand_10.generate()") basically says: import the Python script called “rand_10”, then run the function generate() using Python.. Next, save the VBA code, and now we want to create a button in Excel sheet.. Open up square.xlsb in Excel, go to the xlwings tab, then click on Import Functions.. After a brief pause, if no error message pops up, it means the Python function was imported successfully, and we can start using the Python function sqaure() inside Excel sheets.. Yep, you saw that – we can use this Python function just like an Excel function, and we can pass cell references into the function.. We talked about how to fix this error, make sure the Excel Macro setting is correct.. Make sure xlwings is checked in VBA Editor -> Tools -> References, and the change is saved for the appropriate Excel file.


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