How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (2023)

What keywords does your site rank for? Where can you find your Google Analytics keywords? Is there a good Google Analytics keyword tracker tool?

These are great questions that can be answered with Google Search Console. It’s the best tool to figure out what search terms (keywords) people use on Google to find your site.

In this article, we’ll show you how to see the Google search keywords that people use to find your website and how high your site ranks for those keywords. Plus, you’ll find out a way to easily see that data in WordPress.

Why Track Keywords Your Site Is Already Ranking For?

Keywords are vital when it comes to getting ranked on Google and getting found by your audience.

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When you can see which search terms send you the most organic traffic, you’ll gain insight into your site’s ranking and performance on search engines.

You can also see how your SEO efforts are paying off by comparing your targeted keywords with the actual keywords your site is bringing in traffic for.

If your site’s top Google search keywords match your targeted keywords, it shows that your SEO strategies are working. If they don’t match, you can get ideas for how to improve and make your site more SEO-friendly.

When you know the real keywords people use to find your site, you can add those keywords to WordPress. That boosts your rankings and traffic even more!

Or, you can find new keywords for your website that’ll give you fresh content ideas. By creating more useful, high quality content around a keyword your site is already seeing a high rank and traffic for, you can further boost your search engine rankings and organic traffic.

How to See the Google Keyword Analytics for Your Site

You can’t use Google Analytics itself for keyword rankings, as it doesn’t show any of that data for privacy reasons.

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Instead of using Google Analytics for keyword research, Google Search Console is the best tool for finding the search terms or queries people use on Google to find your website. It’s free and pretty easy to use!

How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (1)

Google Search Console is a free online marketing tool offered by Google that allows you to monitor and view your site’s performance in Google search results. It also shows you how many impressions and clicks you get from organic traffic.

In addition to all that, it helps troubleshoot crawl errors, site speed issues, and other technical website problems. These problems can affect your search rankings, and Search Console tells you how to fix them.

Let’s look at three methods you can use to view your Search Console data:

  1. Install MonsterInsights to see Google keyword analytics in WordPress
  2. Check keyword rankings in Google Analytics
  3. Use your Search Console account to log in and view the Queries reports there

1. View Your Site’s Keywords in WordPress with MonsterInsights

The first method of finding your Google keyword analytics is using the MonsterInsights Google Analytics plugin. This plugin helps you to track your website traffic and your users’ interactions on your site. Plus, it shows you easy-to-understand keyword reports.

To get a Search Console search terms report in your WordPress dashboard, you’ll have to install MonsterInsights on your site and connect it with your Google Analytics account.

How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (2)

To connect with and view your Search Console report, you’ll need the Plus plan.

Then, if you don’t have a Search Console account yet, you’ll have to add and verify your site there. You can easily do that with your Google Analytics account. If you want detailed instructions, here’s our complete guide on how to verify your site in Google Search Console with Google Analytics.

Once you’ve added your site on Search Console, you can view your site’s top 50 search terms in your MonsterInsights report.

To view the Search Console report, you’ll need to navigate to Insights » Reports from your WordPress dashboard.

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There, you’ll see your site’s analytics overview report. Go to the Search Console tab at the top of the report. From there, you’ll see the top 50 search terms for your website.

How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (3)

As you can see in the screenshot above, you’ll see the number of clicks, impressions, click-through-rate, and average position for each of the keywords.

This is an awesome report, as it helps you see at-a-glance how users are finding your site in Google search. It takes your Google keyword analytics and puts them right into your easily accessible WordPress dashboard.

Want to see this keyword report in WordPress? Get started with MonsterInsights now.

2. How to Check Keywords in Google Analytics 4

In order to see Google Analytics keywords, there are a couple simple steps you must perform. First, you’ll need to add the Search Console report to the navigation menu in Google Analytics.

Note: You must connect your Search Console account to Google Analytics before continuing. If you haven’t done so, follow the instructions here to connect Search Console.

To see your Search Console reports inside Google Analytics, log in and click Reports » Library:

How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (4)

Now, you should see the Search Console card under Collections.

Next, click the three dots on the Search Console card to show more options. Click Publish.

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How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (5)

That’s it! You should now have a new Search Console section in your navigation:

How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (6)

Now, head to the Queries report and scroll down to the table to find the search terms people used to find your site, how many clicks and impressions each keyword got from search, click-through rate, and average search position (rank).

How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (7)

With this Google Analytics keywords report, you can decide which search terms you need to work on. If you have target keywords with low click-through rates, or keywords that are completely missing, you can take action to improve your content and rankings for those terms.

Get Started with MonsterInsights Now

Now, let’s see how to view search engine keywords in your Google Search Console account.

3. View Your Site’s Keywords in Google Search Console

First, you’ll need to go to Google Search Console and sign in with your account.

Then click on Search results in the menu on your left. Here you can see a graphical representation of your total clicks, impressions, average click-through rate (CTR), and position.

How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (8)

Now, scroll down and you’ll see the Queries table. It shows the top Google search keywords that people use to find your website. You can also click over to Pages, Countries, Devices, Search Appearance, or Dates to see your search data in different ways.

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How to See Google Analytics Keywords for Your Website [2023] (9)

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How Do I Find My Google Keyword Analytics?

To recap, here are the steps to find your Google keyword analytics:

  1. Connect your Google Search Console account to Google Analytics
  2. In Google Analytics, navigate to Acquisition » Search Console » Queries.
  3. Sort your keywords by clicks, impressions, click-through rate, or average position by clicking on the headings.
  4. Navigate to the Acquisition » Search Console » Landing Pages report and click on one of your URLs to see what users were searching on Google to find that page.
  5. Alternately, install the MonsterInsights plugin to see your top 50 search terms any time within your WordPress dashboard, and click the button at the bottom of the report to go directly to the corresponding Google Analytics report.

Bonus Method: Using Semrush to View Your Keywords

While Google Search Console has great free tools for Google keyword analytics, you can also use a paid SEO service like Semrush to find keywords for your website.

This complete SEO platform has tools for organic keyword research, paid advertising research, keyword gap research, and in-depth competition keyword analysis. If you need a more robust keyword analytics solution, Semrush goes way beyond Search Console.

We hope this article helped you learn how to better use Google keyword analytics for your website.

You might also want to check out our guide on to the Most Important Google Analytics Metrics Every Business Should Track.

Not using MonsterInsights yet? What are you waiting for?

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