List Of Best Programming Languages of Years 2000 To 2022 : Coresumo Technologies (2023)

here we will discuss List Of Best Programming Languages.Old programming languages fade away over time, while new programming languages emerge, but never acquire traction. Beginners (and experienced coders) sometimes wonder which programming language to learn because it is in demand, has a steady future, and has plenty of work opportunities.

Once, a couple of individuals were viewed as software engineers with state-of-the-art coding abilities. Presently, numerous IT occupations require a strong handle of the top programming dialects – indeed, multiple.

Assuming you’re attempting to progress in your profession or change vocations totally and need to dominate a programming language, you could ponder which one to learn. All things considered, it will take time and cash to get familiar with the language, so you need to settle on the ideal decision.

Best Programming language of the year

A few contemplations become an integral factor while settling on your choice, similar to the trouble level you’re willing to learn, the information you as of now have that lines up with your current coding abilities, or your purposes behind learning a top programming language.

Best Programming language of the year regardless of whether you need to foster a portable application, get a certificate for programming information, or master new abilities, you really want to gain proficiency with the right programming language. Underneath you’ll find out around the 10 best programming dialects that will be popular among bosses in 2022. You’ll find about every language, its intricacy, and the way that it is utilized.

What programing language should I learn?

Each programming language was created for a specific purpose and has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. In addition, the best programming language to learn is a personal choice based on your experience with coding. Regardless, the following three characteristics are critical for narrowing down a language selection.

Job Openings in the Language of Your Choice

The chosen programming language’s popularity should be on the rise.

Your professional and personal objectives.

The 10 Most Useful Programming Languages you can learn right now are given below. Each language’s sample usage and applications are also mentioned to assist you in making your decision.

List Of Best Programming Languages

1. Javascript

One of the essential technologies of the World Wide Web is JavaScript, a high-level programming language. It is utilized by 97.6% of all websites as a client-side programming language. Originally only used to construct web browsers, JavaScript is now used for server-side website deployments as well as non-web browser applications.

Javascript was first released in 1995 under the name LiveScript. However, because Java was such a popular language at the time, it was marketed as Java’s “younger brother.” JavaScript grew into a completely self-contained language over time. Nowadays, JavaScript is often confused with Java, and although there are some similarities between them, the two languages are distinct.

Javascript is the most famous programming language on the planet and is sought after among different associations. The normal Java designer procures around $111,660 every year.


In the list of best programming languages of year. Python is one of the most widely used programming languages today, and its accessibility makes it simple to learn for beginners. It’s a free, open-source programming language with a large community and numerous support modules, as well as easy interface with online services, user-friendly data structures, and GUI-based desktop applications. It’s a widely used programming language for machine learning and deep learning.

2D imaging and 3D animation software such as Blender, Inkscape, and Autodesk are all written in Python. Civilization IV, Vegas Trike, and Toontown are just a few of the popular video games that have featured it. Python is utilized by prominent websites like YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram, as well as scientific and computational programs like FreeCAD and Abacus. The average annual salary for Python developers is around $72,500.

3. Java

Possessed by Oracle Corporation, this universally useful programming language with its item arranged construction has turned into a norm for applications that can be utilized paying little mind to stage (e.g., Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and so on) due to its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) capacities. Therefore, Java is perceived for its transportability across stages, from centralized computer server farms to cell phones. Today there are multiple billion gadgets running applications worked with Java.

Java is broadly utilized in web and application advancement as well as large information. Java is additionally utilized on the backend of a few famous sites, including Google, Amazon, Twitter, and YouTube. It is likewise broadly utilized in many applications. New Java systems like Spring, Struts, and Hibernate are likewise exceptionally famous. With a huge number of Java engineers around the world, there are many ways of learning Java. Additionally, Java software engineers have a broad internet based local area and backing each other to tackle issues.

4. Kotlin

JetBrains first introduced Kotlin as Project Kotlin in 2011, and it is a general-purpose programming language. In 2016, the first version was officially launched. It supports functional programming languages and is compatible with Java.

Kotlin is widely used for Android app development, online application development, desktop application development, and server-side application development. It was created to be a superior programming language than Java, and its users agree. Kotlin is used in the majority of Google’s applications. Coursera, Pinterest, and PostMates are among the companies that use Kotlin as their programming language.

Developers that work in Kotlin earn an average of $136,000 per year, with the potential to make up to $171,500.

5. PHP

PHP is a free and open-source programming language that was first released in 1990. Many web developers will discover that learning PHP is crucial, as it is used to create more than 80% of all websites on the Internet, including Facebook and Yahoo. PHP, on the other hand, is expected to be one of the most used programming languages in 2022.

PHP is mostly used by programmers to create server-side scripts. However, this language may also be used to generate command-line scripts, and programmers with advanced PHP coding skills can use it to create desktop programs.

Beginning developers will find PHP to be a reasonably simple language to learn. PHP developers have a lot of online groups where they can seek help and answers to their queries.

6. Swift

Swift was in the top ten of the monthly TIOBE Index survey of popular programming languages a few years ago.It was created by Apple in 2014 for Linux and Mac apps.

It is an open-source programming language that is simple to learn and provides almost all of the features of Objective-C. It is a programming language that requires fewer coding abilities than other programming languages and may be utilized with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix. Swift is used in a number of prominent iOS apps, including WordPress, Mozilla Firefox, SoundCloud, and even Flappy Bird. iOS application developers earn an average annual salary of $96,000.

7. Ruby

Consider Ruby if you wish to start with a language that is known for being relatively easy to learn. It was created in the 1990s with the goal of having a more human-friendly syntax while remaining flexible due to its object-oriented architecture, which supports procedural and functional programming notation. Ruby on Rails (“RoR”) is a web application framework written in Ruby. Ruby developers praise it for being a simple language to write in and for the short amount of time it takes to master. These characteristics have resulted in a sizable Ruby developer community and a growing interest in the language among newcomers. A Ruby developer’s annual compensation averages about $90,000.

8. C and C++

C is most likely the most established and well known programming language and is the foundation of other programming dialects like C#, Java, and JavaScript. Numerous engineers today skip learning C all alone, while others think learning C initially gives a significant establishment to C++ advancement. The two dialects are broadly utilized in software engineering and programming.

C and C++ engineers can utilize compilers for a wide assortment of stages, making applications created in these dialects to a great extent movable. Both C and C++ are viewed as elite execution dialects. Accordingly, they are broadly utilized in creating applications where execution is a basic issue, like client/server applications, business items like Firefox and Adobe, and computer games. C and C++ engineers procure a normal of $76,500 every year.

9. GO

Google created Go in 2007 as a programming language for APIs and online applications. Because of its simplicity, as well as its ability to handle multicore and networked systems and large codebases, Go has recently become one of the fastest-growing programming languages.

The Go programming language, often known as Golang, was built to satisfy the needs of programmers working on huge projects. Because of its clear and modern structure and syntax familiarity, it has gained favor among many large IT organizations. Google, Uber, Twitch, and Dropbox are just a few of the companies that use Go as their programming language. Because of its agility and performance, Go is becoming increasingly popular among data scientists.


C#, which was created by Microsoft, became famous in the 2000s for supporting object-oriented programming principles. It’s one of the most popular.NET framework programming languages. C# was created by Anders Hejlsberg, who compares it to C++ rather than Java.

Because it uses Microsoft Visual C++ as an integrated development environment, it is ideally suited for Windows, Android, and iOS applications. Bing, Dell, Visual Studio, and MarketWatch are just a few of the major websites that employ C# in their backends. C# programmers make about $68,500 per year.

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Which programming language is best to learn in 2022? ›

What Are the Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2022?
  • JavaScript. More than 97% of websites use some level of JavaScript, making it an essential language for most developers or programmers to learn. ...
  • Go. The Go Language, sometimes shortened to Golang, is a programming language that Google created. ...
  • Python. ...
  • C++ ...
  • Swift. ...
  • PHP.
Oct 10, 2022

Which programming language is best for next 10 years? ›

In this article, we will talk about top 10 programming languages of the future : 2050 outlook.
  • Golang (Go) ...
  • Java. ...
  • C# ...
  • R. ...
  • C++ ...
  • Swift. ...
  • Kotlin. Kotlin is an open-source programming language that is high in demand these days. ...
  • Ruby. Ruby is highly preferred by web developers as it has syntax that is easy to read and write.
Nov 27, 2022

Which programming language will be most useful in 2030? ›

Top Programming Languages of the Future
  • Python.
  • R.
  • Java.
  • C#
  • C++
  • Kotlin.
  • JavaScript.
  • TypeScript.
Oct 31, 2022

Which programming language is best for getting job 2023? ›

Below is a list of the most popular programming languages that will be in demand in 2023.
  • Javascript.
  • Python.
  • Go.
  • Java.
  • Kotlin.
  • PHP.
  • C#
  • Swift.

Which programming language is best for getting job 2024? ›

According to TIOBE, the most popular programming languages are Python, C, Java, C++, and C#. Learning these in-demand programming languages will help build a career in technology.

Which programming language will survive in future? ›

Java. Java is one of the first languages you should learn if you're searching for a job in software development at a big company. It has been widely used in big businesses for quite some time, and it's most likely to be that way in the future as well.

Which programming language is best for long term? ›

C/C++ C and C++ have a significant presence in the world of programming. Almost all low-level systems, such as operating systems and file systems, are written in C/C++. If you wish to be a system-level programmer, these are the programming languages that you should learn.

What programming language did Bill Gates develop? ›

Together with Paul Allen, Bill Gates developed a programming language. They created a BASIC version, which stands to be Beginner's All-Purpose symbolic instruction code.

What is the fastest growing programming language? ›

JavaScript continues to reign supreme and Python held steady in the second place position over the past year in large part due to its versatility in everything from development to education to machine learning and data science. TypeScript also held firm in fourth place year-over-year.

What language will be used by 2050? ›

Mandarin. Mandarin is likely to be the most spoken language in 2050 because of its vast number of speakers. The economic influence of China will also prove vital for the continued use and spread of Chinese languages around the world.

What is most in demand programming language? ›

Python. Python also sits atop of the list of most popular programming languages. In fact, according to the Popularity of Programming Language Index, Python occupies the top spot. The list is based on how many programming language tutorials are searched on Google. By comparison, JavaScript ranks third on the list.

What is the oldest programming language still in use? ›

What are a Few of the Oldest Programming Languages Still Used?
  • Fortran. The oldest programming language is Fortran, which was first commercially released in 1957. ...
  • Lisp. The second-oldest high-level programming language still in widespread use today is Lisp, which was introduced just a year after Fortran. ...
  • COBOL. ...
  • SQL. ...
  • C. ...
  • Ada.
Aug 22, 2022

What are the 5 generations of programming languages? ›

  • 1.1 First generation (1GL)
  • 1.2 Second generation (2GL)
  • 1.3 Third generation (3GL)
  • 1.4 Fourth generation (4GL)
  • 1.5 Fifth generation (5GL)
  • 1.6 Sixth generation (6GL)

Which programming language is best for high salary? ›

Here is the list of highest-paying programming languages in 2023, predicted based on salary data from the previous year:
  • Scala. Average Base Salary: $141,335. ...
  • Go. Average Base Salary: $123,400. ...
  • Objective-C. Average Base Salary: $125,247. ...
  • Kotlin. Average Base Salary: $130,497. ...
  • Ruby on Rails. ...
  • Perl. ...
  • C# ...
  • Python.
Dec 12, 2022

Which programming language has more job opportunities? ›

Developer training platform CodingDojo scoured job ads on careers website Indeed to find out which programming languages are in highest demand in 2022. It found that Python, Java, SQL and JavaScript appeared the most frequently in developer job ads, each appearing in more than 50,000 listings on Indeed.

Which programming language is best for getting job? ›

Here are the top 10 programming languages to get a job without a degree.
  • Python. Python, as known to many, is a server-side language that is not just easy but also widely used. ...
  • C# ...
  • JavaScript. ...
  • Ruby. ...
  • Kotlin. ...
  • Golang (Go) ...
  • R. ...
  • Java.
Mar 27, 2022

Which programming language is best for getting job 2025? ›

Let's look at the top programming languages defining the future of code and hiring trends.
  1. Python. Python is widely accepted as the best programming language for beginner developers as it is simple and easy to use and deploy. ...
  2. R. ...
  3. Swift. ...
  4. Go. ...
  5. SCALA. ...
  6. C# ...
  7. Kotlin. ...
  8. Java 8.
Mar 3, 2020

Which language has a bright future? ›

The top five programming languages for jobs and the future are Java, Python, C++, JavaScript, and Ruby. These languages are predicted to be in high demand in the coming years.

What will replace Python in future? ›

Julia is becoming more popular lately.

Python has been a popular programming language for many years, but there is speculation that Julia may gradually replace it. Julia is a newer language that has been gaining popularity due to its speed and flexibility.

What language will replace Python? ›

Having evolved into a go-to programming language, Rust has seen an increase in its adoption. Although Python holds a firm place in the machine learning and data science community, Rust is likely to be used in the future as a more efficient backend for Python libraries. Rust has huge potential to replace Python.

What was Elon Musk coding? ›

Elon Musks Career In Code and Business

Although Elon Musk never had a 9-5 desk job as a programmer he did play a major role in coding his original start-up, Zip2. A company co-founded by Elon and his brother in 1995. The software was used to provide a searchable business directory with maps of local businesses.

What code did Zuckerberg use? ›

When Mark Zuckerberg started work on Facebook in late 2003, he used a programming language called PHP. It was one of the most popular web languages of the day. Facebook now runs on Hack. Hack is a programming language for the HipHop Virtual Machine, created by Facebook as a dialect of PHP.

What coding did Elon Musk learn? ›

Elon started coding at a very young age. He taught himself BASIC at the very young age of 10, and that too in the days before the internet. At the age of 12, he created the video game BLASTER, sold the source code to a PC magazine for $500, and had it published.

What is the hardest coding language to learn? ›

Haskell. The language is named after a mathematician and is usually described to be one of the hardest programming languages to learn. It is a completely functional language built on lambda calculus.

What is the hardest coding language to learn in the world? ›

Intercal– one of the most difficult programming languages

The Compiler Language with no Pronounceable Acronym is an Intercal!

What is the 5 most popular programming language? ›

Python, C, JavaScript, C++, and Java are the most used and popular programming languages.

What language does not have future? ›

Some languages, such as Finnish or German, don't require speakers to talk about the future in a distinct way. Rather than saying “We shall go to the movies tomorrow”, they treat tomorrow as if it were today: “We go to the movies tomorrow.” These languages are described as “present-tensed”.

Which is older Python or C++? ›

C++: The faster option

Created in 1985, C++ has been around longer than Python. Despite its age, it remains one of the most efficient programming languages available. More than 5.4 million developers around the world use C++ in their work [2].

Should I learn Python or C++ in 2022? ›

High-level languages such as Python, Java , and JavaScript appear to have surpassed C++ in popularity and usage in recent years. This prompts developers to wonder, "Is C++ a good programming language to learn in 2022?" The quick answer is yes!

Is it better to learn Java or Python in 2022? ›

When opting for a starting point, you should take your goals into account. Java is popular among programmers interested in web development, big data, cloud development, and Android app development. Python is favored by those working in back-end development, app development, data science, and machine learning.

Is it worth learning coding in 2022? ›

Is 2022 a good time to learn to code? It is a good time to learn to code because coding is a highly sought-after skill in 2022. The tech industry is growing and advancing rapidly, resulting in high demand for software developers. With focus and lots of practice, you could end up with a tech job in Silicon Valley.

Should I learn Python or go 2022? ›

While Python still holds the leading position as the world's most used programming language, Go coding is only on its way to crawling up the ladder. The 2022 study by Statista shows that every second developer is expertise in Python, while only 1 out of 10 specialists use Go in programming.

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