Teaching English as a Second Language Tips & Resources - English 100 (2023)

Teaching English as a second language can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it is also one that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. The good news is that there are a lot of resources available to help aspiring teachers learn the ropes.

Teaching English as a second language

The following post will provide helpful tips and advice on how to get started, as well as some key things to keep in mind when teaching English.

Teaching English as a second language tips

1. Make use of resources available online

There is no shortage of helpful materials available on the internet, both free and paid for. Take advantage of these resources to supplement your classroom learning experience, and be sure to check out teacher forums where aspiring teachers can share their best practices and advice with one another.

2. Pay attention to pronunciation

Pronunciation is key when teaching English as a second language. Make sure that you understand the individual sounds of English and pay attention to how students are pronouncing words. This will help you to correct their pronunciation as needed, and it will also give them a better understanding of the language overall.

3. Be patient with your students

In order to be an effective teacher, it is important that you have plenty of patience – especially when it comes to teaching new vocabulary and grammar concepts. Do not get discouraged if your students do not seem to grasp these ideas right away; instead, encourage them gently while they continue working on these skills.

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4. Be flexible with your lesson plans

It is important to be able to adjust your teaching style as necessary in order to meet the needs of each individual student. This means that you should not hesitate to change up your lessons from day-to-day, or even from week to week.

5. Be aware of your student’s interests

One of the best ways to keep your students engaged during English class is to know what areas of interest they have. This can be done by asking them questions about their hobbies, favorite TV shows, or other things that are important to them.

What skills do you need to teach ESL?

Teaching English to adults and children (12-16 years old) during working hours makes you a part-time teacher. We do not recommend such a job because usually, the students are teenagers of bad mentality with a strong passion for alcohol, making noise after school in The playground area every free moment possible at all night long music party and other reckless actions which prevent to develop language skills that are considered very important by modern society. In order to take this job, we recommend that you look for a part-time job at an institution or company. If you are not able to find one, most of the time you can apply online because currently there is no market with such cheap resources as labor and real estate in the English language.

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In addition to explaining many difficulties with the job, we will explain how you can find ESL teaching jobs and their salary.

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A couple of facts in addition to our article:

Teaching is not a profession but art because it requires creativity and masterful adaptation. Teaching English leads to harmonious relationships between all students so that everyone learns without falling behind or trying to take advantage of another through dominant behavior like snobbery about clothes or other things.

Simply enroll in the University or College of language teaching and find a teacher for yourself. This can be done by simple Internet searching because there are countless resources available online such as free websites, free forums with possibilities to ask questions about the job you want to do, etc. Also, look in your city’s jobs section which is usually located at www. google (but always take into account that these pages change.

Add to this, teaching experience is mandatory, although a certificate as a Language teacher is not necessary but recommended (you can take the exam online). If you do it in this way within 1-9 months, expect to get only part-time jobs or full-time jobs.

Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

  1. You register online for a teacher job, on these pages.
  2. And the majority of vacancies are usually open in quantity you can select your preferred region and language (however there may be cases with other conditions).
  3. Before taking this job, look for information about the region where you want to teach and make sure that there is no conflict between your occupation. For example, if your company has a partnership with producers which need growers who have Italian language skills in order to join them (they are all located on Regions 15).
  4. Then make sure there is no conflict with your country of origin. For example, the Spanish-speaking population has very many working jobs in the USA but not at all for people from Mexico…
  5. You will find that you have to register on these pages because each school requires a different registration procedure. In some instances (Ramón Arevalo University) it only needs an online questionnaire and/or interview so that they might hire you or simply your CV.
  6. Great way to teach English as a second language. The main way is to teach in a school, but there are other ways such as becoming an EFL coach.

Is an ESL teacher a good career?

We have been asked it before, we always answer the question with a solid negative motivation.

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Many years ago you did not think that teaching English was easy although for us our job is one of the most rewarding because more often than not you can help people speak and improve their own language skills using methods which are proven to work for generations and every time increase your salary.

English teacher You can start to teach English as soon as you have the required language skills for adults. The main point is not being a native speaker, it’s having an adequate general level of proficiency so that your colleagues do not devote resources and time in order to correct your accents. Many teachers recommend seeing live performances, but if they are difficult or long recorded then they still don’t manage because at this stage almost everyone has “cold hands”.

The main problem with self-employed in order to find work is having an adequate selection of multiple vacancies, which usually happens two months after listing. And this is where the internet comes into the picture because as soon as you have information on searches it will appear at least every day even if only small jobs similar to yours are needed locally. So yes I do recommend teaching English.

The learners in your class have a language skill level DC, which means they can not use English at work. The most difficult things are: There is no particular course to develop their skills, there should also be supervising duties and developing strategies so as to avoid mistakes which usually happen when learning languages or teaching them in general.

New language teachers can start a job in the language year is normally between April and June. It does not matter when you are going to teach, it’s only important that at least one month before officially for marketing purposes start announcing the employment period.

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Teaching English online

Teaching English online can study with us and get a TEFL certificate. Upon completion of an online course, the teaching professionals have the authorization to work in any country worldwide where there are needs for employees and teachers certified by British Council or EFTA (European Foundation Certificate). You can find more than 200 places that use these two organizations’ certificates in all other countries around the world.

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A year ago, after years of studies to obtain their diplomas in Europe, a number of us opted for digital countermeasures and began working online with our colleagues. Providing live video lessons was fun because you kept on improving even if the students did not improve that much, or enough at least. They have become more talented but still many times do not know how to read and do it correctly letting them freeze almost every time.

Summer school for foreign kids in Germany The experience I have undergone during the last three years has been very good and enjoyable, my company is a good way to go. Another person’s qualities greatly depend on those who educate him; how he presents himself will help you understand more in your work with students or children that share common languages ​​and cultures where they are placed at home.

Teaching English Abroad

Speakers of other languages in China, the United States, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and a number of other countries want to teach English in their home countries. If you can find a TEFL certification program that offers an online course as well as fieldwork, teaching English will be one of the most rewarding career choices you ever make.

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I think it would be great if companies could start doing these kinds of things more often! I love working with students but I hate feeling like I’m being type-cast into this role where all my lessons have to revolve around speaking to the students and trying to get them to speak English in class.

All in all, there are several English teacher jobs that can be found on the Internet, with varying pay rates in different regions and countries. Commonly, ESLT is an accepted label used for online-only occupations but you will also find TESOL and TEFL positions where students attend classes face to face at a community college or university and take their examinations placed into computer-based coaching programs however this schooling approach has not taken hold big-time abroad any more due to other.


What is the best way to teach English as a second language? ›

15 Useful Tips for Teaching English as a Second Language
  1. Have the right qualifications. ...
  2. Keep it simple. ...
  3. Use lots of visuals. ...
  4. Make your lesson fun. ...
  5. Plan and prepare in advance. ...
  6. Create a safe and supportive environment. ...
  7. Set classroom rules. ...
  8. Use different learning techniques.
11 Mar 2022

What resources can I use to teach English? ›

General English teaching resources
  • Kahoot! Fun games that help build the language and skills young learners need at Pre-A1, A1 and A2 levels. ...
  • Learning English. ...
  • Penfriends. ...
  • Write & Improve. ...
  • Resources from Cambridge University Press. ...
  • Webinars for teachers. ...
  • Facebook for teachers. ...
  • Cambridge English on YouTube.

What should I teach first in English? ›

Start with the alphabet and numbers. One of the first things you should start with is to teach the alphabet and numbers. By teaching the alphabet and numbers, you'll create a great foundation for everything else that your students will learn. Have your students learn the alphabet to a certain point.

What every ESL teacher should know? ›

13 ESL classroom tips you must know before you teach 2022
  • Connect with your students.
  • Create a safe learning environment.
  • Establish routines.
  • Speak slowly and enunciate words.
  • Use non-verbal communication.
  • Make things visual.
  • Check for understanding.
  • Be adaptable.
6 Nov 2020

What are the 5 methods of teaching? ›

Here are five strategies that proved to be extremely effective in my classroom.
  • Student-Centered Discussions. ...
  • Making Connections. ...
  • Increased Autonomy. ...
  • Building Relationships. ...
  • A Focus on Literacy.

What are the five most used teaching and learning resources? ›

Teaching and learning resources
  • text books.
  • novels.
  • films.
  • plays.
  • radio programs.
  • multimedia.
  • digital learning resources including video, audio, text, animations and images.
  • lectures.
19 Jul 2022

How can I improve my English teaching skills? ›

How Can Teachers Improve Their English?
  1. Start here: check your English level.
  2. Use the wealth of resources available to you.
  3. Find other English speakers.
  4. Make the time every day to study English.
  5. Visit an English-speaking country.
  6. Take an English course for teachers.
  7. Conclusion.
3 Jan 2022

What resources can teachers use to teach? ›

Classroom resources are teaching materials and supplies that you can use in your lessons to help learning. These can be things like page borders, writing templates and colouring sheets, as well as physical tools.

What are the basic English topics? ›

Basics of English Grammar
  • Singular and Plural Nouns.
  • Count Nouns vs. Non-Count Nouns.
  • Possessive Nouns.
  • Pronouns.
  • ' Be' Verbs.
  • Action Verbs.
  • Adjectives.
  • Comparative and Superlative Adjectives.

How do I start my lesson? ›

Five Ways to Start Your Lessons
  1. Start with a Video. Everyone loves a good video, especially kids. ...
  2. Start with an Object. Another way to get your students wondering about a topic is to show them objects related to the content. ...
  3. Start with a Question. ...
  4. Start with Movement. ...
  5. Start with a Mistake.
14 Sept 2016

What are the basic English words? ›

English Nouns
  • People. People (and the singular 'person') is a basic English word for someone learning the basics of the language. ...
  • Thing. 'Thing' is one of the most common words a basic English speaker should know. ...
  • Time. 'Time' ranks in the top 10% in popular English words. ...
  • Day. ...
  • Man. ...
  • Woman. ...
  • Child. ...
  • (To) Be.

What is method of teaching English? ›

There are very famous and productive methods of teaching English. Some popular methods are Grammar-cum-Translation, Direct Method, Audio-Lingual, Suggestopedia, and Silent Way.

What is the best teaching style? ›

Proven to be the most effective in a number of ways, an active learning style is best suited for interactive classrooms. That is to say, both the teacher and the student are engaged in the teaching style and learning process which helps the student gain knowledge, information modeled to be useful.

What are the 7 teaching styles? ›

The 7 styles of the theory are:
  • visual.
  • kinaesthetic.
  • aural.
  • social.
  • solitary.
  • verbal.
  • logical.
1 Jul 2021

What are teaching tools? ›

A teacher tool is any tool that enhances or expedites the teaching process and helps teachers to teach better. For instance, it can be a tool that allows the teachers to conduct classes in a more organized and efficient way and communicate with parents quickly and efficiently to improve classroom productivity.

What are the key teaching materials for a teacher? ›

Context-specific learning materials enhance the process.
  • Story Books. Story books make great teaching-learning materials. ...
  • Samples of Student Writing. Having students write can be an effective teaching method. ...
  • Videos. ...
  • Games. ...
  • Flashcards. ...
  • Overhead Projector Transparencies. ...
  • Computer Software and Apps.
7 Jul 2019

What are qualities of a good English teacher? ›

Some qualities of a good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience. Other characteristics of effective teaching include an engaging classroom presence, value in real-world learning, exchange of best practices and a lifelong love of learning.

What makes a great English teacher? ›

They are polite, pleasant, practical, persuasive and powerful. A teacher of English who is imaginative, innovative, interactive, independent and interdependent can be successful in the field and can lead the students from dependent stage to independent stage and then to interdependent stage.

What skill should a English teacher have? ›

excellent spoken and written communication skills. effective listening skills. creative skills and ideas for planning practical and interesting lessons. excellent planning and organisation skills.

What is teaching tools and resources? ›

Teaching Tools - a list of tools that can be used for creating and editing technology-enhanced tasks, activities, and materials for language learning. Media Sources - a list of media sources such as audio, video, and images that can be used for language teaching and learning.

What are teaching materials? ›

Instructional materials are the content or information conveyed within a course. These include the lectures, readings, textbooks, multimedia components, and other resources in a course.

Why are teaching resources important? ›

The purpose and importance of teaching and learning materials is to make lessons interesting, learning easy and enable teachers to easily express concepts. Learning materials can significantly increase learners' achievement by supporting learning.

What are the 12 basic rules of grammar? ›

The 12 Rules of Grammar are:

Every sentence should start with a Capital letter in the first word. Every sentence should either end with a full stop (or) a question mark (or) an exclamation mark. Every sentence should have SVO (Subject – Verb – Object). The Subject and Verb forms are interrelated in the sentence.

Why Basic English is important? ›

It is the language of science, aviation, computers, diplomacy and tourism. Last but not least, it is the language of international communication, the media and the internet. Whether it is for professional or personal reasons, understanding the importance of English will help you reach your goals.

How do you end a lesson? ›

What Are the Strategies for Closing Lessons? In an effective closure, the teacher will use strategies that include reviewing and summarizing a lesson, consolidating key information, creating a link to new ideas and building anticipation for the next lesson.

What do you say at the beginning of a lesson? ›

Starting the lesson
  1. Start with teaser questions. ...
  2. Review the previous lesson by letting volunteers recapitulate the last lesson. ...
  3. Announce the topic of the lesson, preferably in a compelling way. ...
  4. Writing your objective on the board will give a sense to your teaching.
17 May 2014

How can I motivate my students? ›

Top 5 Strategies for Motivating Students
  • Promote growth mindset over fixed mindset. ...
  • Develop meaningful and respectful relationships with your students. ...
  • Grow a community of learners in your classroom. ...
  • Establish high expectations and establish clear goals. ...
  • Be inspirational.
4 Jun 2018

What is the most important word in the English language? ›

Is this the most powerful word in the English language? The most commonly-used word in English might only have three letters – but it packs a punch. 'The'. It's omnipresent; we can't imagine English without it.

What is the best way or strategy to learn a second language? ›

If you want to learn a second language, you'll need to immerse yourself. Watch movies, listen to music, read books, and try to have conversations all in your target language. The more you immerse yourself, the faster you'll gain fluency.

What is the method of teaching a second language? ›

Important features of eight second language teaching methods—grammar-translation, direct, audiolingual, the Silent Way, Suggestopedia, community language learning, Total Physical Response, and the communicative approach—are summarized.

What are the best ways of teaching second language to children? ›

7 Foreign language teaching methods to help your child master a foreign language
  • Learn together. ...
  • Play games in a foreign language. ...
  • Play cartoons and children's shows in a foreign language. ...
  • Singing songs in a foreign language. ...
  • Read books in a foreign language. ...
  • Include a foreign language into your daily activities.
27 May 2021

How can teachers improve second language? ›

Tips for Teaching a Foreign Language
  1. Expose students to as much of the language as possible. ...
  2. Get hands-on: Encourage participation with games. ...
  3. Encourage activities outside the classroom. ...
  4. Teach culture alongside the language. ...
  5. Use multimedia to enhance the learning experience. ...
  6. Picture: (c) JackF, Fotolia.

What is the most useful 2nd language to learn? ›

Without a doubt, Spanish is one of the most valuable second languages if you're in the United States-even if you never plan to travel outside the country. That's because it's the most common language in the US aside from English. It's also the most “in-demand” language among US employers.

What are the 4 methods to learn language? ›

4 Different Ways of Studying Languages (And How to Work Out What Suits You)
  • Total immersion. Total immersion is arguably the most authentic way of learning a new language. ...
  • Traditional study. ...
  • Little and often. ...
  • Polyglot.

What is the purpose of second language teaching? ›

It can help you in your career; It can improve your memory and brain functions; It can help increase your understanding of the languages you already speak.

What are the 10 method of teaching? ›

List Of Teaching Methods
  • Teacher-Centered Instruction. ...
  • Small Group Instruction. ...
  • Student-Centered / Constructivist Approach. ...
  • Project-Based Learning. ...
  • Montessori. ...
  • Inquiry-Based Learning. ...
  • Flipped Classroom. ...
  • Cooperative Learning.

What are the 2 language skills? ›

Receptive skills are those used in understanding; reading or listening. Productive skills involve producing language; speaking or writing.

What are the 5 stages of second language development? ›

Students learning a second language move through five predictable stages: Preproduction, Early Production, Speech Emergence, Intermediate Fluency, and Advanced Fluency (Krashen & Terrell, 1983).

How can we help children with English as a second language? ›

How to support young children with English as an Additional Language
  1. Know your children. ...
  2. Know the family. ...
  3. Value, promote, and understand the role of home language. ...
  4. Use the home language as a tool for developing English and learning. ...
  5. Identify the gaps in learning and language (EAL assessment) ...
  6. Critical language support.
4 May 2021

What are the three most popular activities for dual language students? ›

5 language-rich activities to support dual language learners at home during COVID-19 school closures
  • Activity 1: Word Games and Alphabet Fun.
  • Activity 2: Words and Vocabulary.
  • Activity 3: Sentence Building and Storytelling.
  • Activity 5: Learn Something New.
  • Additional information.
21 Apr 2020


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